Same-day Crowns

The advanced CEREC Same-day Crowns technology makes it possible to achieve a new smile in just one appointment!
Tired of multiple dental visits?

CEREC Same-day Crowns: the perfect solution for busy schedules

Dr. Barsoum working on a case for CEREC Same-day Crowns in Arlington Heights, IL

We get it. Multiple trips to the dentist are inconvenient, especially when you need a dental crown or other restoration fast. As an advocate for the best dental technology, Dr. Meena Barsoum is thrilled to offer CEREC Same-day Crowns in Arlington Heights, IL.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a revolutionary technology, changing the dentistry game for dentists and patients. In one single appointment, we can prepare your tooth, create your restoration and restore your smile. No temporaries and no double appointments. What does this mean for you?

  • You no longer have to wear temporaries
  • We complete almost all of our restorations here in the office
  • Instead of waiting weeks, you can start smiling in a single visit

What does a same-day appointment look like?

You could walk out of our dental office with a brand new smile in less than two hours!

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Dr. Barsoum will prep the tooth by removing any bacteria.
Minute 30

Our CEREC intraoral camera scans your tooth in need of a crown, and then mills the restoration right here in our office.

Minute 30 - 60
Watch your permanent dental crown be made in front of your eyes.
Minute 60 - 90
Dr. Barsoum will expertly place your dental restoration, and you will walk out of the office with your new smile.
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FAQs about Same-day Crowns in Arlington Heights, IL

Consult our answers below, or call or text us at (847) 253-4447.

The technology used at Impressive Smiles made it possible for me to get my crown done in just one visit! This sort of thing would normally have been a long and very uncomfortable process for me, but Dr. Barsoum and his team made it quick, comfortable, and best of all easy!

- Mike G., actual patient

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